Baby Update – 6 Months

I can’t believe how quickly the last six months have flown by it’s been a blur of sleepless nights, nappies and cuddles but it has also been the most rewarding and wonderful six months of my life. Oliver is growing so fast and is such a little person now, it’s crazy to look back on his newborn pictures where he was so small.


Oliver is now rolling over and is officially on the move, all corners and edges are covered by cushions – and the baby proofing commences! His hand eye coordination has really developed and he now chases his toys round the carpet with most of them ending up in his mouth. It won’t be long before he is crawling, he has already mastered getting up on his arms and knees and is rocking backwards and forwards like a goodun.

Weaning is well underway, I’m trying to combine spoon fed with baby led weaning, he is loving baby rice, porridge and purees so far and this morning he actually fed himself a rusk – massive break through! For weeks I’ve been putting food in front of him in the hope he will pick it up and feed himself but he preferred to just put it on the floor, so I’m very happy although a lot of the rusk was spread over his baby grow – this feeding business is messy!

I know most parents think this about their children but I think everything that Oliver does is just genius. He has leaned more about cause and effect and jabbers away to you, you can ask him questions and he seems to reply with a squeak or gurgle – he really is just delightful.

The last few weeks he has really suffered with teething and finally the first tooth has cut through on his bottom gum so I’m hoping it’ll calm down a bit now – fingers crossed! We’ve been living on baby ibuprofen and going through bibs like crazy with all of the dribble.

I think that’s about everything, I love that Oliver is reaching new milestones and I want to cherish every moment, but it’s a pain that I can’t put him down and leave him anymore so any recommendations for a baby pen would be appreciated!



2 thoughts on “Baby Update – 6 Months

  1. He is a cutie!
    We have a Safety1st four-in-one playpen that was a baby gift for Shlomo. It has an option for a “bassinett” with a gazillion warnings, an option for a “false floor” with another gazillion warnings (neither of which we ever used because it’s just not worth the headache), it has an organizer on the side (that we no longer use, because it’s extraneous), but the basic playpen is pretty good. It also has a carrying/storage case (useful). It also has an option for a mobile-type arch-thing (never used, because if the baby can’t reach it, what good does it do?). I don’t know if I would have bought it myself, since the extra stuff probably adds extra cost, but it’s nice to have one that’ll last. Only problem is that you can’t put the fabric in the machine.

    On the other hand, I don’t think there is too much difference between one basic playpen and another, as long as they both meet safety requirements. It’s just a metal frame, fabric, and a mattress.
    This is what we have:

    And hey, if you want, we can send you the extra stuff that we don’t use (arch and bears included). As long as you pay the shipping, that is.

    My cousin has this one, and I think it’s been through 6 kids.

    In defense of our playpen, it was in use until Shlomo got to be about two and started to “bump” it across the room while standing in it.

    Sorry, that came out really long. Much longer than I’d intended.


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