I’m bottle feeding my baby – get over it!

Bottle vs breastfeeding seems to be a controversial subject and I firmly believe in a mothers right to choose. As a mother of a formula fed baby I feel like I’m constantly being punished for not doing what’s considered ‘best’ for my baby. There are so many reasons why mothers choose bottle over breast and I fully believe that it’s down to the individual to choose what is best for them. My story is that I breastfed my baby for the first week, unfortunately I suffered a haemorrhage due to breastfeeding whilst on blood thinners I was taking due to a blood clot I developed in my pregnancy. Basically the breastfeeding contracted the uterus excessively and caused a bleed. I was then in hospital for five days and was advised that I couldn’t continue to breastfeed.

bottle feeding

Whilst I felt upset that the decision had been taken away from me, switching to bottle feeding actually made my life so much easier, I was able to develop a routine with my baby and I knew how much milk he was getting at each feed. During the time I did breastfeed he had lost 9% of his body weight and after switching to bottle he started to gain weight as he should. I never at any point felt that I had less of a bond with my baby, if anything I felt more relaxed and able to enjoy feeding him more.

However at every midwife appointment or baby clinic that I went to I was made to feel less than adequate because I wasn’t breastfeeding and felt that I had to keep explaining the reasons why this was. I would be met with questions of ‘You’re breastfeeding yes? I would obviously reply no, ‘Well you know breast is best.’ Yes so I’ve heard, would it not be more appropriate to ask ‘How are you feeding your baby?’ I feel like if I hear the phrase ‘Breast is best’ one more time I’m going to punch someone.(Take a deep breath and channel Grace Kelly, I’m a mother and shouldn’t be having violent thoughts)

Not only do I feel constantly put down by health professionals but also on social media for not breastfeeding, I’m well and truly paying for it – literally out of my purse. Formula is so expensive at £10 per box which I currently buy about every 5 days. There is no option to bulk buy for a discount and Boots don’t even let you accrue loyalty points as due to the government legislation mothers should be breastfeeding and retailers can’t be seen to be promoting formula feeding. Well to the government legislation and Boots – fuck you!

I find it disgusting that I am being made to pay so much to feed my baby what he needs to survive. I think the government and Boots need to consider the reasons why mothers formula feed; whether it’s medical, or they just don’t have enough milk to meet baby’s demands or that they literally cannot cope with the stress of breastfeeding. This is meant to be the happiest time of your life and I think all new mothers should be supporting each other and be getting support from health professionals, not feeling like we have to constantly justify our decision to bottle feed.

My baby is perfectly healthy, we have a solid mother – baby bond that couldn’t be any stronger and he has not missed out on anything by being bottle fed.  I would like to finish by addressing all of those people who feel the need to push their breastfeeding opinions on others to stop and consider that there maybe reasons why someone is bottle feeding their baby and that it is also none of your business. So bite your tongue and keep your opinions to yourself because at the end of the day for a lot of people breast is NOT always best!


22 thoughts on “I’m bottle feeding my baby – get over it!

  1. How awful that you was made to feel that way, bottle or breast fed does it really matter? As long as a baby is gaining weight and healthy. I agree, its discusting that formula is so expensive! Especially when they get older! I bottle fed my son (personal preference) and to be fair I wasn’t made to feel like it was wrong, even though my son is dairy intolerant, and on his last check up, the doctor asked if I’d thought about breast feeding? (so they didn’t have to prescribe his formula) correct me if I am wrong, but my sons 15 months old now? Not sure this would be possible to start? Xx


    • Exactly as long as baby is healthy it doesn’t really matter and it’s an individual choice. I feel there’s so much pressure to breastfeed – where I live at every children’s centre visit or baby clinic it is mentioned. Yes that seems ridiculous obviously you wouldn’t be able to start breastfeeding at that stage! Thank you for reading & commenting XOXO

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  2. How you decide to feed your baby is completely up to you and no one else’s business but your own! It’s what works best for the mother and baby that matters and everyone and every circumstance is different. It’s so annoying when some professionals and politicians think they know better than you about you and your baby!

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    • I totally agree and I understand the government want to promote breastfeeding but why can’t they do that without punishing formula feeding mothers? It’s crazy. Thanks for your comments XOXO


  3. We immediately started formula feeding because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my huge baby’s needs. The formula manufacturers have made it so nutritious and it’s a fantastic option now. Good for you and your little boy!!!


  4. We definitely need to start trusting moms to make the best decision for themselves and their babies.
    And by that I mean that if a mother says she’s formula feeding no other explanation should be necessary, we should all trust that she has her reasons.
    With that being said I still think it’s necessary for breastfeeding to be promoted, breast milk is best. But the promotion needs to happen before the baby is born. Once a mother chooses to formula feed there is no real reason to tell her breast is best. She probably already knows that and has her reasons for choosing otherwise.
    We need to support all moms, and we can only do this if we trust them to make the best decisions they can for their families.


    • I completely agree and I’m not against breastfeeding at all, I think breastfeeding gets a lot of promotion and I think bottle feeding needs some too. I think new mums need to know it’s okay to bottle feed and they’re not alone. Thanks for reading & commenting XOXO


  5. Good for you!!! I love this. My son is also bottle fed and I feel the same way. I tried breastfeeding for 1 week and my milk wasn’t coming in so Carter ended up in the NICU with very high bilirubin levels so I started supplementing formula and guess what…he’s as healthy as can be! When I told my lactation consultant she actually hung up on me! We know what’s best for our babies and we shouldn’t have to feel like we are the bad guys. Life happens and things do not always work out as planned but it’s our choice! Thank you for sharing your story!


  6. The truth is breastfeeding doesn’t work for everyone. I was one of those women, too. I tried and tried. I feel like too much was against me. My son received breast milk for the first month from a bottle, then formula until he was a year old. He’s healthy and brilliant. Mothers should not have to justify their feeding decisions!


  7. I had to formula feed my daughter for the first few weeks because I wasn’t producing enough milk and felt like I was being judged for not breastfeeding her. My milk did finally come in, but it is still the mother’s decision on how and what she feeds her child with no judgement.


    • Everyone’s situation is different and it’s down to each mummy to decide what’s best for them with absolutely no judgement and no explanation. Thanks for your comment XOXO


  8. I was definitely made to feel this way too that I had to breastfeed and I did but when it was time for me to stop (i.e. when the little man clearly wasn’t getting enough), I felt not bad on him but that I was bad in other peoples eyes! When I put little man on the bottle it was fab…he slept better, he went longer than an hour between feeds and he was happy – the happiest I had seen him! Yes I’m glad I breastfed him for five months but if I have another baby, I will make sure I stop as soon as I think I need to, not when they think I need to! This is a great post 🙂 I’m sorry you had troubles but it doesn’t matter because you have a perfectly happy healthy baby 🙂 Well done mumma! #mummymonday


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Once I made the transition to bottle I felt much better about the whole feeding process but I did feel judged by others which is what needs to stop, in the same way that people are pro – breastfeeding we should be pro- bottle. XOXO


  9. absolutely love this post, I am totally with you on this one. I wrote a post on my blog about how what ever the mother’s decision is, it shouldn’t concern anyone else. There is so many reasons why that decision was made. I’m like you mine and my son’s bond is no less because I bottle fed, we are always commented on our close bond. Wonder if people would say the same if they knew I was naughty and bottle fed?! haha 🙂

    thankyou for linking up to #mummymonday 🙂 Love, Gemma – host xo


    • Thank you, exactly I’m so glad that other mummies are able to relate and that they too believe it’s everyone’s right to choose. At the end of the day as long your baby is happy & healthy it doesn’t matter. Thanks so much for reading & commenting Jen XOXO


  10. I am glad to read your post, I will soon write one on my decision to quit breastfeeding and use bottle. Yes decision! Not looking forward to the backlash I know I will get, but so many women feel bullied into breastfeeding and become so unhappy, they forget to enjoy their baby.


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