Baby led weaning – a breakthrough!

A few days ago we had one of those breakthrough moments that probably only other parents will truly understand just how great it was. After weeks of putting various prepared pieces of food in front of Ollie which he looked at, picked up and then lovingly placed on the floor; we had some actual, full on, rusk to mouth action.


 I was so happy, so proud and so relieved all at the same time. I knew he was a genius, now he can feed himself he can do anything! Yes I might be taking this too far especially as a large majority of the rusk ended up down his baby grow.


Joking aside it truly was a great moment and since then he has fed himself rice cakes, cucumber and fruit biscuits. So I’m hoping slowly we can work towards more vegetables and carbs too- fingers crossed!

How have you found weaning your babies?


9 thoughts on “Baby led weaning – a breakthrough!

  1. Yay well done Ollie! It’s been a long time now since the weaning stage for me but I remember giving him his first rusk…he came out in a huge rash!! He eats them now but something back then didn’t agree with him! He was always a huge fan of biscotti! He’d get in a right mess!! #mummymonday


    • Thank you, oh no that must have been worrying. I do keep waiting for Ollie to have a reaction to something but so far, so good fingers crossed. Our meal times are very messy indeed I need to get wooden floors instead of carpet XOXO


  2. sweet ! looks like he is going to enjoy food like my son ! my daughter is a bit more picky but she is getting better at trying new foods x


    • I hope so, he definitely likes anything sweet so far it’s trying to get him on the savoury food but hopefully with time we’ll get there. Thanks for comment XOXO


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