Baby & Bunnies

Happy Easter to you all! If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I’m a Mummy to my little boy Oliver but you may not know that I’m also a Mummy to two mini lop bunnies Alfie and Talulah (Lulu for short). They are house bunnies who are situated in our living room, as it’s Easter – the season for bunnies, I thought it would be nice to do a blog about them.

We’ve had the bunnies for 3 years now  and when I was pregnant I didn’t know how it would work when the baby arrived. At first they knew something was different and were fascinated by this knew tiny person in their home making all these new noises.

When I would change Ollie’s nappies they would hop over, sniff him and hop away. Ollie was pretty much unaware of their existence at that point but now he is 7 months old and much more aware, he is fascinated by them.

He watches them hop around and tries to stroke them, he knows they are furry & soft to touch. He lights up with joy when he sees them and loves to spend time at the end of their cage sitting and watching them.

Of course I never leave him alone with the bunnies as you never know how animals could react in certain circumstances,  say if he grabbed their face. But in general they are very gentle with him. Lulu often likes to lie down near him when he plays on the floor.

It’s so lovely to watch him grow up around the bunnies as his little furry friends and also very cute!

Do any of you have animals that you’re raising babies with?


8 thoughts on “Baby & Bunnies

  1. I think growing up with let’s is so beneficial to children. Your son looks like he is already learning a lot from watching and stroking your rabbits. Plus, they’re adorable too. My children are growing up with our cat Bellatrix and they’re learning how to look after her as well as how to handle her gently. It’s a great lesson to teach I think.
    Your son is a adorable, and the rabbits very cute.


    • Thank you, yes I totally agree it gets them used to being around animals from a young age and how to handle them gently, although at the moment I think Ollie has a little way to go as he loves to just try and grab them for a cuddle but he’s only just 7 months bless him. XOXO

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