Baby development: What a difference a week makes

When you have a young baby the first year seems to be set out in milestones from the the first bath, the first time they smile or the first time they roll over, the list goes on.

Now Ollie is 7 months old we are getting to a more active stage of development and for about 2 months now he’s been sitting up but kept falling to the side if he was unsupported. As a parent you always feel the pressure, especially when you go to baby groups and other babies are already doing things that your baby isn’t.

Over the last week he has finally mastered sitting up on his own, is just about crawling and has pulled himself up to standing on the side of the bunny cage. What a complete and utter genius!

It’s like everything has just clicked into place all at once and he has truly found his core. Only now he definitely can’t be left on his own and he is trying to get everywhere. So I’ve had to invest in a play pen to try and keep him enclosed (which he has pretty much already figured out how to escape from) so its goodbye living room, hello play room.

How quickly did your babies develop?


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