Baby Update – 7 months

I am a bit late posting this blog post as Ollie actually turns eight months old today which is just crazy! But I feel that so much has happened over the last month that it was worth waiting.


Just look at how my baby has grown, to think that he was so tiny and now he’s almost a toddler.

Over the last few weeks especially we have reached some amazing mile stones. Ollie has finally learned how to sit up on his own properly so no more falling to the side which is great. He can now sit in the bath on his own too which is just the cutest thing.

Ollie has also learned how to crawl over the last week, so is officially mobile – and able to chase the bunnies around the living room. He crawled from the living room to the bathroom for his bath and I was the proudest mamma ever!

Aswell as crawling Ollie is trying to stand up and pulling himself up on anything he can get a grip of including the bunny cage, sofa and my leg.

We seem to have continuous teething and Ollie is the proud owner of two little teeth at the bottom which are just adorable. However I fear we have more on the horizon as he is very grizzy and dribbling like mad again.

With weaning, after Ollie’s few weeks of illness he didn’t want to go back to eating food. I tried going back to basics and starting again with baby rice and with rusks but he wasn’t interested. However on Wednesday, I sat down to lunch and he kept climbing over me trying to steal it, so I quickly whipped him into his high chair and broke it up for him. It was a cheese roll and savoury flap jack which was a baby led weaning recipe so I was very pleased. Then yesterday I did the same and when I sat down for lunch so did he and he also had a tea of vegetables, so fingers crossed we are getting back on track.

Ollie is also developing his talking skills and has become much more vocal saying babababa. He did utter a mum last Sunday not sure if it was intentional but I’m counting it. He knows mamma, dadda and bunnies who he will look at if you say them – total genius!

I think that’s about everything for month 7 and it’s been amazing to see such a massive change in him. Following on from last months request for playpens we bought a pop up one which he has already figured out how to escape from so there’s really no keeping him in one place and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope you’ve all had a good month with your babies, how have they changed over the last few weeks?


The Twinkle Diaries

12 thoughts on “Baby Update – 7 months

  1. Aww bless him – I remember taking those photos of Zach of him first standing up. It’s funny when you look back and see how much they have changed in such a small space of time. It really does go so fast, like I say I remember those photos well and he’s two and a half now!! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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