Baby Update: 9 Months

I can’t believe Ollie is over 9 months old and has now been in the world for as long as he was growing in my tummy – utter madness! Ollie is developing at a speed faster than light at the moment and literally changes everyday. He is very much growing from a baby into being a toddler and it’s so lovely to see.

He has put on more weight and now weighs around 20lb, carrying him around is giving me some muscles which is great as I don’t have to go to the gym! His legs have got a lot longer and he’s quickly outgrowing his clothes. Luckily in this recent heat he’s just been roaming round in a nappy and vest.

Ollie has grown 4 more teeth which have all come through at the top so we’ve had excessive dribble and a few sleepless nights! He looks so cute with teeth it’s adorable.

Talking has come on leaps and bounds and he has finally mastered saying ‘mama’!!! My heart melts! He can also say dada, baba, yeah and general jibberish. He chats away to himself and now copy’s & responds when you talk to him.

Last month we had a Christening for Ollie and one of his gifts was a push along walker. This has really helped with his confidence and he can now push it along unaided – to his delight. He can pull himself up on any sturdy object including floor lamps and his new favourite the toilet! Joy! He is able to walk along the sofa and anywhere he wants to go he has developed a very fast crawl. The only place to put him down and keep him there is his jumperoo- so glad he loves it!

Ollie is now eating 3 meals a day and we’re in the process of cutting out day bottles, we are currently down to a few ounces which sometimes he wants and sometimes he doesn’t. He’s not too keen on water out of his tippy cup so I’m hoping that will grow on him soon.

I think that’s about everything for month nine and I can’t wait to see what he achieves over the next few weeks. I can’t believe how much he’s grown and developed recently so I’m cherishing every moment as I know he’ll never be as small as he is today again. The best thing about my baby getting older is seeing his awesome little personality flourish, he is going to be one cheeky chappy – just check out his pram pose . . .

How have your babies changed recently?


The Twinkle Diaries

2 thoughts on “Baby Update: 9 Months

  1. He is adorable! I’m continually amazed at the speed my kids grow and change. It’s always new and exciting.

    Love the pictures, especially the close up with those gorgeous blue eyes.

    Stopped by from #TwinklyTuesday



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