30 Thoughts on what Motherhood is

Becoming a mummy has absolutely changed my life, completely, in every way.

It occurred to me at somewhere between 3am and 4am this morning whilst cuddling my 10 month old to sleep after two and a half hours of ‘partying’ between his cot and my bed, that this moment was in fact sacred. Despite being sleep deprived, having a banging headache and a dead arm, this is what being a mummy is all about. It’s being ‘there’ for your baby no matter the circumstances. Although these sleepless nights are well horrific, its a phase and I’m sure one day when I’m no longer needed I’ll long for a midnight cuddle.

So with these thoughts in mind I decided to write a somewhat thrown together poem of thoughts about what motherhood means to me, here goes.

Motherhood is . . .

The excitement and fear of seeing the positive line on the pregnancy test

The overwhelming emotion and relief of seeing your baby for the first time at that 12 week scan

Rubbing your growing bump and feeling the comfort of kicks from within.

Feeling the weight of your baby on your chest after he is first born.

The rush of love

Motherhood is . . .

Your finger being squeezed by a tiny weeny hand

Your heart melting with that first smile

Your house consumed by teeny tiny clothes everywhere and never ending laundry

Being wee’d on more times than you can count

Motherhood is . . .

Realising that all your clothes have baby spit up on them

Not caring that all your clothes have baby spit up on them

Discussions about poop and boobs with other new mums becoming a regular occurrence

Never being able to put a cup of tea on the side let alone drink it while its still hot

Surrendering to a messy house

Motherhood is . . .

Creating songs that only you and your baby understand

Stolen moments in the middle of the night


Declarations of love

Calling genius on achieving each small step

Finding dribble everywhere

Motherhood is . . .

Never sleeping again, even when your baby is sleeping, you have to get up to check that he’s still breathing

Having a toilet companion

Constant exercise

Catching sick in your hand

Motherhood is . . .

Worrying about everything

Guilt if you’re not worrying about everything

The thing that makes time fly and never leaving the house on time

Realizing a strength you never knew existed in you

But most of all motherhood is . . .


Unconditional, all consuming, pure love wrapped up in the person who no matter their age will always be your baby.



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