Ollie’s one year update

I can’t believe that Ollie is over 1 year old, he is in fact now 13 months, wow the last year has flown by in a sleep deprived haze of nappies, baby grows and a realisation that all my clothes are now covered in spit up of some sort – urgently need new wardrobe!


It has been the most incredible year and it has been utterly amazing to have watched him grow from the tiny baby he was into the independent little toddler he is now. It’s hard to believe he ever fitted into those tiny newborn clothes. I found a size 1 nappy in the cupboard the other day and cried!


That’s definitely one thing that’s changed me since having Ollie is that I’m a softer version of my pre-baby self. More emotional, patient but at the same time stronger. I never knew the strength I had until Ollie came along and with that strength also came a fierce protectiveness.

I don’t think I’ve done an update for a good few months so here’s what Ollie’s been up to.


Ollie is now eating three meals a day plus snacks too and he has a bottle of milk in the morning when he wakes up and one before bed. We have successfully changed over from formula to cows milk with no issues and I’m now giving Ollie the abideck vitamins on the side. It’s been a bit of a process working from two meals to three and expanding his appetite but everything seems to have clicked into place now. He very much enjoys eating and is happy with his own food until he see’s me eating something different and then he’ll only want what I’m eating so we share a lot of meals!



We’ve finally cracked the sleeping issues and now he goes through the night which is brilliant. We got to the point where I was going into him everytime he cried and then we’d be up for 3 hours or so before he got back to sleep, then I would have to go to work on no sleep. I know he wasn’t hungry or in discomfort he just wanted to get up and play. So we decided to try controlled crying. The first night we decided to let him cry for 15 minutes and then I’d go in to him but after ten minutes he put himself back to sleep and then slept through the rest of the night. Ever since then he settles himself to sleep and only wakes momentarily before turning over and going back to sleep. I’m so happy as he is sleeping more and I’m sleeping more and it’s really helped his routine in the day.



In August Ollie started to take his first steps and this gradually became two or three steps and then more again. By September he was walking the length of living room and now he is toddling with confidence all over the place. He can also stand himself up if he falls over and just carries on toddling. It’s crazy to think 2 months ago he was only crawling and now he’s a proper little person walking around. When he walks along and holds my hand it’s the cutest thing and my heart just melts.



Ollie has been jibber jabbering for a good while now and knows a few words including mamma, dadda, babba, yes, yeah, hello, hiya, duck and quack to name a few. There are others that pop up and he is starting to develop his speaking more each week. I think he’s picked up duck and quack from the 5 little ducks song and he applies it to everything which is hilarious. For example he points at our house bunny Lulu and calls her duck.

On turning one Ollie was treated to some new modes of transport with his trike and a sit on car so he will well truly be on the move!!!


I know that I am so lucky to have a happy and healthy baby and I cherish every moment I have with him. I also cannot wait to watch how Ollie progresses and grows over the next year and to revel in all that comes in between now and then.

How are all your babies getting on?


2 thoughts on “Ollie’s one year update

  1. Your little boy is so adorable – I have an Ollie too! Mine’s 9 months old and so quickly progressing into new exciting adventures. He can walk (or run, if he’s just had a nap and some chocolate!) with support now which is just mind blowing.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday Ollie! x x x


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