10 reasons why Kent Life Farm is a great family day out

Even before having Ollie I loved going to Kent Life Farm, a Kentish country farm & museum complete with picturesque oast houses and afternoon tea. Seriously what’s not to love? Luckily we live just down the road and often visit Kent Life for an afternoon. It’s definitely one of my favourite places to go and here’s ten reasons why:

  1. There’s animals- being an animal lover I’ve always loved a farm. At Kent Life you can both pet and feed the animals. They range from rabbits up to horses, you know your usual array of farm creatures.
  2. There’s a large park- always a must for any day out with young children. there is also a bouncy castle and mini ride on tractors.
  3. Soft play – if it rains there is an indoor soft play area inside the barn where there is also a cafe that does nice hot chocolates- winning!
  4. Rides- there are both train and tractor tides around the farm grounds.
  5. Cuddle corner- you can cuddle some of the smaller animals like guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens, yes chickens!!!
  6. Event days- they often host a variety of events throughout the year, last Sunday when we went there was a classic car show on for Fathers Day. There are also regular appearances from popular characters such as Peppa Pig  and The Gruffalo.
  7. Tea and cakes – no trip to Kent Life is complete without having some delicious afternoon tea!
  8. Heritage – there’s various re-constructed buildings full of Kentish heritage that you can have a nose around and get a great sense of history.
  9. It’s so pretty- sometimes I love just walking around the grounds in the sunshine and taking it all in. There’s even a cute little herb garden.
  10. The season ticket- you can get a yearly pass for just £35. I bought one a month or so ago and have definitely been getting my money’s worth.

Here’s a few pictures from our visits to Kent Life:



 I would recommend Kent Life Farm as a great day out for anyone.


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