Creams Cafe: For a spot of afternoon delight

I don’t know if any of you have a Creams Cafe franchise near you, if you do it’s well worth going to! I had one open up a while ago, a few towns away in Chatham and I kept seeing friends posting pictures on Facebook of the most delicious looking crepes and waffles, so I knew immediately that I had to go.

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Ten wonderful reasons to love Tea (and Biscuits)

There’s nothing quite so quintessentially British as sitting down with a cup of tea is there? For me, my bag of choice is Yorkshire Tea, quite frankly it is the best and I never get tired of the taste. I am also partial to a peppermint tea or a spiced apple as it tastes like Christmas, but those would never take the place of my beloved Yorkshire.

My love for tea is very deeply rooted as my mother pretty much raised me on tea, as a massive fan herself she consumes on average about ten cups a day, seriously! She loves a teapot where as I am a brew in a mug kind of gal. Anyway for as long as I can remember getting up in the morning, coming home or someone coming round – all perfectly good reasons for putting the kettle on.

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